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Recent Blog Entries

  •   By David Stanley, for CNN updated 4:55 AM EDT, Wed June 26, 2013
  •   The 17th-century Imam Mosque is one among many architectural wonders in… (Christopher Reynolds /…) The U.S. and Iran may have miles to go in their negotiations over curtailing Iran’s nuclear ambitions, but the ease in hostility has already produced a bo...
  • March 23
    Posted by Safar
    Ancient towns that date back to the Silk Road era, elaborate mosques that beam out the evocative call to prayer and modern cities where fashion-conscious youth rub shoulders with conservative elders – it’s time to demystify the misconceptions about Iran! Exquisite palaces, domed mosques,...
  • March 23
    Posted by Safar
      1 Imam Square, Isfahan Isfahan contains some of the world’s most beautiful Islamic monuments. The city’s moment of glory came in the 17th century when the town was made the capital of the Safavid empire by Shah Abbas the Great. At this time some of the most stunning I...